Who is eligible to apply to Delta Sigma Pi?

In order to be eligible, applicants must fulfill the following:

  • Must be a full-time student at UC Davis

  • Must be interested in pursuing a career in business

  • At least 3 quarters remaining at UC Davis (including current)

  • Must be in good academic standing with above a 2.6 GPA

  • Complete a bid interview during Interview Night on February 8, 2019

How many events do I need to attend to quality for an interview and bid?

You will need to attend 2 recruitment events to qualify for an interview. Pre-recruitment events such as the Career Panel do not count as an for application eligibility.

How can joining a business fraternity enhance my college experience?

By joining a business fraternity, you can gain access to professional development outside of the classroom setting. While it is possible to obtain various internships and professional knowledge without the aid of a professional business fraternity, becoming a brother has many benefits, including opening the door to our vast alumni network in various industries, company recruitment events, and community service opportunities to further enrich the college experience. Brotherhood is an experience that cannot be mimicked, and it is one of the most important aspects of our fraternity. Once you join Delta Sigma Pi, you are a brother for life.

What professional opportunities does Delta Sigma Pi provide?

We truly offer uncapped resources for professional development. Some of our resources include company tours, private company information sessions, public speaking practice, resume and cover letter help, technical workshops (excel, photoshop, etc.), a vast alumni network, and more. Additionally, we always encourage brothers to incorporate new ideas for professional development into the fraternity.

What is the pledging program?

The pledge program is an 8-10 week program with professional development opportunities, where students can cultivate valuable skills such as public speaking, event planning, resume writing, and more. It is designed to build brotherhood and professionalism, and prepare each pledge to become a brother in the fraternity. Pledges receive an opportunity to gain exposure to various aspects of the business world through workshops, presentations, interview practice, and more. The time commitment is equivalent to a part-time internship and begins roughly 1-2 weeks after Recruitment Drive.

What are the benefits of the pledge program?

Pledging offers individuals the unique opportunity to operate in an environment that promotes rapid growth and encourages exploration into a variety of skill sets. In addition to curating your interviewing skills, event-planning experience, and public speaking skills, you have the chance to network across a wide range of individuals, ranging from fellow students to alumni to business owners. Through pledging, you will learn and grow alongside your pledge brothers, and have access to a support system that will push you to constantly learn and take on new things. The relationships you create and the professional skills you gain will carry forward throughout your collegiate experience and beyond.

Are there opportunities to network with other DSP Chapters?

Of course. There are nearly 300 collegiate and alumni chapters and 265,000 Deltasigs across the world. Each year, we meet with local chapters across Northern California through socials, networking events, and the bi-annual Brotherhood Games. In addition, we send our members to national LEAD events and conferences every year.

I applied to DSP a previous term, but I did not receive a bid. Should I reapply?

Absolutely! Several brothers have applied more than once before receiving bids. We look at repeated applications as a sign of dedication, persistence, and commitment. Be sure to illustrate how you have developed since last applying and what you have done to get closer to accomplishing your goals!

How many bids does Delta Sigma Pi give out each term?

There is no fixed number of candidates we take each term. The size of the pledge class depends on the quality of the applicant pool. Pledge classes have ranged from 6 to 16 pledges in past terms.

What criteria is considered when evaluating applicants?

We evaluate candidates based on their application, culture fit, and performance during the recruitment interview. We look for candidates who are looking to improve themselves both professionally and personally.

Do I have to be a Managerial Economics, Economics, or other business-related major to join?

We are a business-focused fraternity for those who look to pursue fields of business (ranging from consulting, finance, marketing, data analytics, technology, accounting, tax, etc.). However, in the past our brothers have incorporated a wide selection of majors such as Computer Science, Engineering, Design, Communication, International Relations, Sociology - Organizational Studies, Psychology, and more into their pursuit of business. Candidates are also evaluated on a holistic basis, and there are occasional exceptions.

Who should I contact for more questions?

Contact our Senior Vice President Vlad Kononenko at svp.dspnurho@gmail.com for any further questions. Thank you and good luck applying!