Kenton Wong.jpg

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Kenton Wong


Grade Level: Junior

Major: Economics

Class: Beta Delta

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Fraternal Positions Held: 

  • Pledge Class Vice President of Operations

  • Digital Marketing Chair

  • Creative Director

  • Vice President of Alumni Relations (Current)

Work Experiences & Extracurricular Activities:

  • Facebook Ambassador Marketing Intern at Marble Mosiac

  • Economics Business Student Association

Kenton is a third-year pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in computer science. Although he is geared towards a career in Marketing, he has a passion for working with technology and learning new programs. His dream is to eventually work in the technology advertising industry in the Bay Area or in a large city. In his spare time, he enjoys testing out new recipes, exploring new places, and drinking coffee.