Vice President of Pledge Education Assistant

Meryl Cantoria

Email: mocantoria@ucdavis.edu

Grade Level: Senior

Major: Communication

Class: Alpha Psi

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Fraternal Positions Held: 

  • Pledge Class Professional Chair

  • Historian

  • Digital Marketing Chair

  • Vice President of Professional Activities

  • Junior Committee Facilitator

  • Health and Wellness Chair

  • Vice President of Pledge Education Assistant (Current)

Work Experiences & Extracurricular Activities:

  • Marketing Intern at Thrifty Medical Supply

  • Brand Associate at Old Navy

  • Sales Associate at Bohome Used Clothing

  • Intern at Perishable Foods Council

  • Health and Education Promotion Volunteer at UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center

  • Evaluation and Analytics Intern at Kaiser Permanente

  • Campus Brand Ambassador at 5-hour ENERGY

  • Intern at Latinx Health

Ideal Professional Field:

  • Public Health

  • Nursing

By merging her educational and professional experiences, Meryl aspires to become a nurse and give back to Filipinx, minorities, immigrant, and under-served communities through medicine and public health research. It is through the leadership roles and networking opportunities in Delta Sigma Pi that empowers her to strive towards better goals and to keep learning and working hard. Thus, as the current Vice President of Pledge Education Assistant, Meryl wishes to become a mentor and provide the same growth opportunities and guidance to those who seeks it. Along with the “work hard, play hard” mentality, Meryl gives her best efforts in everything that she does professionally, fraternally, and personally; and when results are in her favor, she celebrates by going on food adventures, traveling, and expanding her knowledge on film and cinematography.