Internship Spotlight: Aiden Leong


Name: Aiden Leong

Major/Minor: Design/Technology Management

Class: Beta Epsilon

Company/Position: Creator Ninja/User Experience and User Interface Design Intern

Our first internship spotlight of Summer 2019 is Brother Aiden Leong! Aiden interned as a User Experience/User Interface Design Intern at Creator Ninja in Tokyo, Japan. He enjoyed all the opportunities and growth he encountered in international business and hopes to learn even more. As an intern, Aiden "worked directly with front-end and back-end developers in creating a new interface for one of the company's products, TUBERS, a Youtube marketing tool, and directly [made] an impact within the company. [His] interface [is being] used by clients to sort and organize large amounts of data in an efficient and well designed method. [His] assignments have taught him more on what it means to be a UX/UI designer by providing [him] with hands-on experiences, from user testing and research to creating high fidelity mockups for developers. [He is] excited to see his designs come to life!" A fun fact about Aiden shared is that TUBERS is the largest database in Japan and collects and processes over 20 million videos every day!

Mary Serafin