Internship Spotlight: Hiusan Wong


Name: Hiusan Wong

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics/Women’s Studies

Class: Beta Delta

Company/Position: LiveRamp/Project Manager Intern

This internship spotlight goes to Brother Hiusan Wong! This summer, Hiusan was a Project Manager Intern for LiveRamp. She learned about advertising technology and interacting with clients, as well as how creating a genuine connection with someone and caring about their company values will go far in closing a sale. Hiusan worked under the Brands team within the company and was able to jump into calls with various important clients from well-known companies to see how they use LiveRamp's product. Here is what she found most rewarding, "I love the people I met and the advice that was constantly given to me. I think as an intern, you have an “intern card” you can play. With it, it opens so many doors to interactions and learning from different people across all vertices of the company." Overall, Hiusan greatly enjoyed her time at LiveRamp!

Mary Serafin