Brother Spotlight: Lucy Szeto and Angela Gehn


Name: Lucy Szeto and Angela Gehn

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics 

Class: Beta Gamma

Company/Position: PwC/Elevate Program

What has been the most rewarding part about your internship?
Angela: The most rewarding part of the program was networking with various PwC professionals from different backgrounds. I had the opportunity to talk to professionals from different lines of services and learn about their experiences to see if PwC was the firm for me. Everybody I talked to gave me great insight into the work they do at PwC and expressed how they genuinely love the culture and people at the firm. Outside of networking with just PwC professionals, I was able to meet people from different schools and even fellow DSP Brothers from other chapters. 

Why did you choose to intern for this company?
Lucy: Everyone that I have met from PwC, whether from career fairs or from Elevate, has exuded an undoubtedly warm and bright energy as well as a strong work hard, play hard mentality. From what I have learned these past few years, who you work with matters as much as, if not more than, what your work is. Keeping that in mind, PwC was an obvious choice for me.

If applicable, in what ways has DSP helped you get this internship?
Lucy: I actually first discovered the Elevate program my freshman year while attending the DSP Fall Internship & Career Fair. This was long before I even became a Brother! It was through this experience speaking with a previous Elevate participant that I first set eyes on becoming one myself.

What would you describe the culture like?
Angela: The culture of PwC is very warm and welcoming. PwC actively works towards making sure that the partners at the firm are taking care of their work-life balance through different programs and events. It is a company that truly cares not only about their clients and the work partners produce, but also about the partners' well-being.

Mary Serafin