Internship Spotlight: Quang-Long Tran


Name: Quang-Long Tran

Majors: Managerial Economics and Psychology

Class: Beta Eta

Company/Position: Tipalti/Sales Intern

This internship spotlight goes to Brother Quang-Long Tran! Long worked as a Sales Intern for Tipalti this summer. He decided to pursue this internship because sales is a side of business he had yet to explore, and although he started the internship with little to no experience, sales quickly became a growing interest for Long! He believes sale representatives and directors are crucial to any business or company. As an intern, Long worked closely with the Sales Development team and gained a lot of insight in the financial tech industry. His job primarily focused on gathering a list of potential prospects for representatives to reach out to and developing the company's sales pipeline. This internship helped Long leverage his analytical and technical skills, and he continued to learn more each day. To his surprise, a lot of the skills he learned from Delta Sigma Pi helped Long gain success in his job. Keep up the great work at Tipalti Long!

Mary Serafin