Internship Spotlight: Victor Lai


Name: Victor Lai

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics 

Class: Beta Gamma

Company/Position: Aon/Risk Solutions Account Specialist Intern

What advice would you give to anyone searching for an internship?
Create a plan. Preparation is essential. For summer internships, start thinking about specific companies or fields of interest well in advance. Once applications start opening up, make time to apply. Excuses not to apply only hinders your success. Lastly, utilize your resources. Our alumni roster is here to help so use it. Getting a referral and learning about the company and culture will go a long way. From my experience with our alumni network, the conversations I've had shaped me to who and where I am today. 

If applicable, in what ways has DSP helped you get this internship?
DSP provided me with the resources to make this all possible. Networking was the vital aspect. I didn't expect things to just fall on my lap. What I put in is what I got, so I made the most of every moment. Most importantly, I learned to be myself and stay true to my principles. Regardless of the circumstance, DSP has taught me to always put 100% effort into my craft. 

Are there any fun facts about your internship or company?
Aon was the principal partner and global shirt sponsor of Manchester United F.C. from 2010 until 2014.

What would you describe the culture like?
The culture at Aon focuses on professional development and mentorships. Interactions with your manager and other employees are a given every day. I've met the nicest and funniest people here. A typical nine-to-five shift only feels like a few hours because we have so much fun. My personal favorite is the fancy snack table.

Mary Serafin