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Senior Vice President

Vlad Kononenko

Email: vakononenko@ucdavis.edu

Grade Level: Senior

Major: Managerial Economics, Technology Management (Minor)

Class: Beta Delta

Hometown: Cherkasy, Ukraine

Fraternal Positions Held: 

  • Pledge Class President

  • Digital Marketing Chair

  • Vice President of Public Relations

  • Marketing Director

  • Senior Vice President (Current)

Work Experiences & Extracurricular Activities:

  • Assistant Purchaser at Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis

  • Lead Marketing Intern at Insomniac Records

  • Brand Ambassador at Live Nation

  • Shift Lead at Starbucks Coffee Company

 Ideal Professional Field:

  • Event Marketing

Vlad is currently a fourth-year Managerial Economics major at UC Davis who plans on pursuing a career in marketing, more specifically brand management. He is a small city boy, with big city dreams, and feels most at home in the fast paced, bustling metropolises. Vlad is constantly pushing himself academically and professionally because he believes that growth comes from taking a leap of faith into the unknown. He is an enthusiastic individual who attributes his experiences to the ambitious nature of his character.

In his downtime, Vlad enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, playing Mario Kart, and learning new languages. He hopes to eventually land a career that will allow him to travel to a different country every month.